Having joined Lendable almost two years ago and during that time having worked closely with our architects on different projects I thought it would be helpful to share my account of these interactions and how they compare to similar collaborations at previous places I've worked in the past.

Building Better Consumer Credit Products with AI: Our New Initiatives


Imagine you are a software engineer working at a fintech scale-up company which is excited about beginning to explore AI tools which could help build consumer credit products. Your CTO wants you to write a post for the company's engineering culture blog about new initiatives. Can you give me an example of the blog post you would write?

Contributing to Engineering culture as a new joiner

Jonathan PaulJonathan Paul

One of the things I love most about Lendable is how quickly new joiners get involved in making their teams and the organisation as a whole, better. Joining a new company isn't easy. You need to learn a massive amount in a very short amount of time. No wonder so many of us suffer from Imposter Syndrome...

A summary of LendyConf 2022

Sam JonesSam Jones

Having just joined Lendable a couple of weeks ago, I was really excited to be attending Lendyconf, the annual conference organised by Lendable. It’s been open to folks outside of Lendable in the past, but this time it was for us Lendies only, and what an amazing day it was!!

Reflections on my first year at Lendable

Patrick MylesPatrick Myles

Patrick Myles looks back on the previous 12 months after taking over as Lendable's CTO. What were the highlights? What were the challenges? What does the future hold?

Reflections on joining Lendable in the middle of the pandemic

James MannionJames Mannion

James Mannion reflects on his experience on joining the Engineering Team in the middle of pandemic. James also shares general tips on starting at a new company.

A day in the life of marketing

Esther LongworthEsther Longworth

Welcome to the Lendable Marketing Team: probably better described as the 'Commercial, Strategy and Growth Team'. Learn more about the day in the life of the team and Esther Longworth.

Lendyconf - learn about tech behind fintech unicorn

Neal BrooksNeal Brooks

Lendable throws its doors open to the world by hosting its first ever developer conference for both internal and external attendees. Expect high-quality presentations on front-end, back-end, and data science!

A day in the life of a product manager

Giulia FabritiusGiulia Fabritius

Giulia Fabritius speaks about building delightful products for our customers, her action packed days, and the most important skill for a product manager.

Q&A with Marko Kunic - backend engineer

Marko KunicMarko Kunic

Marko Kunic - backend engineer - talks about what he's working on at Lendable, tech he's using, and which social events are his favourites.

Data science at Lendable

Ben SmithBen Smith

The data science team at Lendable touches nearly all aspects of the business, from building the fundamental models used in our underwriting to identifying ways in which we can streamline our customers' journeys. This article covers how we do it and we tools we use.

Trying out GraphQL

Nikolay AnguelovNikolay Anguelov

At Lendable we're always keen to experiment with different technologies. Recently, we've introduced GraphQL to one of our internal projects. Here we'll talk about our experience of using GraphQL and common gotchas around it.

How we do Frontend and Mobile development at Lendable

Mike BorozdinMike Borozdin

Here at Lendable we build a cutting edge mobile app and web apps for managing loans. In this post we'll take a quick look at some of the tech stack and processes we work with on a daily basis.